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What is the Leap of Faith Business Show?

The Leap of Faith Business Show was created to inspire and support people who are ready to take that leap of faith and start their business.

The goal is to encourage people, with proof, that with God all things are possible, and that business can be started, and can be successful!

The Leap of Faith air two times weekly on Facebook Live.  The Leap of Faith Show is sponsored and produced by The Digital Shopping Mall.

Leap of Faith Business Show time


Come hear amazing stories from regular people that took the leap of faith and started their business. Our guests share their journey and the ups and downs, of starting and running a business.  Be prepared to get inspired by the obstacles they pushed through and hardships they overcame because of their FAITH in God and the WORK they put in to become successful. Monday segments will inspire you, motivate you, and set you on fire with determination to do what you have to do to start your business too!

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This guide will give you the perfect start to organizing your thoughts, and getting crystal clear on your business idea. This guide has space for you to write as you read through it, and tells you the basic steps for starting your business. Did I mention it was FREE 99? What are you waiting for download your copy now.


Have questions and don’t know where to start? Book a  1-on-1 VIP planning session. During your session we will talk about your business idea and goals, and will answer any business questions you have. By the end of your session, you will have a  strategic business startup plan  to make your business dream a reality.

meet Jannina The show host

Hi! I’m Jannina (jah-nee-nah). I’m honored to host The Leap of Faith Business Show because I really care and have a passion to help other people start their business. Networking and sharing business tips, resources, and advice is what I love to do! I’m that friend that will push you and support you, however I can, to help you start making REAL PLANS that will ultimately help you start your business. I have a degree in Public Relations from Florida A& M University and I am skilled in the areas of marketing, graphic design, event planning, multimedia production, and media buying and planning. I’ve started several businesses (some failed miserably… but that’s ok), and helped many others start a business too! I’ve had the opportunity to speak at many conferences and workshops on starting a business, marketing, branding, conducting industry research, and social media marketing. I’m a wife and a mom of 4. I love God, tropical surroundings, and good food.

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